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A rectangular-shaped small diamond that is often used to enhance the setting of a larger stone.

Bezel Setting
This setting resembles a picture frame, wherein the diamond is completely surrounded by a precious metal border.

Channel Setting
This setting technique uses two strips of metal to secure the stone at the sides. It resembles a railroad track with the diamonds at the center and is used for round, baquette and square-cut stones.

Fancy Cut
A diamond cut in any shape other then round. Fancy cuts include the emerald, baquette, pear, triangle, princess, oval and marquis

Pave Setting
This means paved because a pave surface appears paved with stones. This setting technique for small diamonds sets the stones so closely together that no metal shows.

The mounting of a single gemstone.

Tiffany Setting
A setting utilizing 4 to 6 long, slender prongs that hold the stone in place.



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